WHEN EVERY PACKAGE COUNTS - Save your environment and costs with ecological and economical ElecTester quality assurance method

The non-destructive ElecTester quality control system is a unique milk testing device for a wide variety of liquid UHT milk products (plain UHT-milk, flavoured UHT-milk drinks, baby milk, etc.) packed in carton packages of 125 – 1000 ml volume.

ElecTester is designed and manufactured in Finland by Elecster Oyj. Today, ElecTester units are in use in all parts of the world.

ElecTesting is based on detecting the slightest changes in the hydrodynamic behaviour of milk products by oscillating one package at a time. The packages need to contain milk. Test results are displayed immediately and possible rejection indicated by both audible and visual signals.

During testing the package and product are subjected to mechanical motion and vibration only. In other words, the packages are NOT OPENED OR DAMAGED, so no damage will happen but the tested, accepted packages can be distributed normally.

The non-destructive ElecTester quality control system is an environmentally safe method: there is no formation of waste. In addition to the ecological aspect, ElecTester is also an economic method: when using ElecTester your dairy is able to achieve great savings in packaging material and product costs. Through a possibly remarkably increased number of samples compared to normal sampling, also the product quality could be improved.

ElecTester method can also be used side by side with your traditional testing quality assurance methods as laboratory testing, or for testing whole suspected lots before distributing them.

ElecTester could be the determining factor to spare your dairy from high expenses and loss of image related to a possible withdrawal of a distribution lot.

For the operators, our computerized ElecTester units are most simple to use and reliable in operation. Changeover between different products and package sizes is quick and easy. . Normally no calibration or maintenance is required. ElecTester can be placed and operated in a laboratory, or in storage rooms, and used for several years.

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