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Aseptic Pouch Machines EA-12000


Long experience, deep knowledge, high quality components and materials assures the Elecster sterilizer’s high product quality and food safety. Sterilizer’s construction is stainless steel and complete system includes homogenizer and CIP unit.

The capacity and the process temperature of the sterilizer can easily be adjusted to fit different capacities and products. Products like pasteurized milk, powdered milk, flavored milk, low fat cream and drinking yoghurt.

Sterilizer has low utility consumption and the heat regeneration level is approx. 90%. Steam is used as the heating energy source.

Reliable and secure processing

The sterilizing temperature is measured by double detector system and controlled by a two-level low temperature alarm. The alarm system shows the possible operation fault through the monitor. The tubular heat exchangers are protected by a security system which informs about the need of intermediate cleaning. An automatic CIP/AIC system is integrated to the equipment.

Online support and process data storage

The sterilizer is equipped with a remote access control that allows online support. This feature ensures possibility for immediate support and troubleshooting. Sterilizer process data can be stored automatically. Process data can be read with PC or mobile device.

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  • Capacities 2700-10800 L/hour
  • Adjustable capacity from 35% to 100%
  • Heating by indirect steam
  • Tubular multi-tube system
  • Complete system incl. Homogenizer & CIP unit
  • Homogenizer with automatic speed control
  • Easy to operate
  • Remote access control

Aseptic Pouches Amul Parmalat

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Elecster Integration System

Easy, fast and money saving solution for those who are planning to expand the production capacity. Add another packaging machine to the existing sterilizer or connect another complete UHT line to the existing UHT line.

Elecster Integration System


Elecster Integration System, EIS through its cross-connection panels and ECB signalization box enables to optimize the utilization of sterilizer(s) capacities with several aseptic filling machines/packaging sizes and thus saving investment in expensive aseptic buffer tank.

Sterilizer does not have to be tied to a one specific packaging machine. Sterilizer is able to feed several packaging machines at the same time or separately. By switching the connection between sterilizer and packaging machines you can keep your production running around the clock.

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