Elecster Packaging Materials

Elecster has been developing multilayer packaging materials hand in hand with packaging machinery. With decades of development and intensive work Elecster has optimized the packaging material properties to give best possible performance for dairy machinery.

Elecster’s film production system and printing technologies are designed for most reliable and superior looking pouch on the market. Elecster’s multilayer solution gives advanced properties to the packaging material. Excellent sealing properties of Elecster’s packaging material ensure that the product stays safe and leakages are avoided at all stages even in high packaging speeds. Coefficient of friction values of the packaging materials are optimized to give flawless behavior in dairy machinery.

With Elecster packaging material the shelf life of the product can be adjusted from a week even up to three or even more months. For the shelf life up to 30 days, Elecster has developed special PE-multilayer packaging material. If more than 30 days is needed Elecster provides long-life packaging materials with outstanding oxygen barrier properties which can grant even a six month shelf life.

Printing layer of the packaging material is designed to give the package best possible platform for the print. For the outstanding image printing Elecster uses EGP technology (Expanded Gamut Printing). With Using EGP technology Elecster’s printing process is not only more efficient. With lower ink consumption and lower solvent usage the printing process is both more cost-efficient and the environmental impact is smaller. As a proof of excellent printing quality, Elecster won their respective category in the FlexoTech Print Awards 2017.

Elecster’s packaging materials technical advantages gives best performance in dairy machinery together with best protection for the packed product to keep it safe, fresh and delicious. The packaging solutions provided by Elecster are not only cheaper but also more environmentally friendly than alternative packaging ways. The environmentally friendliness of Elecster’s milk pouch is based on a lower required amount of plastics than other packaging materials and the recycling of the polyethylene plastic is simple. Elecster’s packaging materials are made 100% of recyclable materials.

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