Pasteurized Pouch Packaging Machines

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Pasteurized Pouch Machines

Elecster Company is making as well packaging machine for milk pasteurized milk products, like liquid milk and sour milk products. Most of the machines are single liners FP-2500 or double liners FP-5000. Usually the capacity of the machine is 2500 bags/hour or 5000 bags/h. However with certain elements the capacity can be updated even higher. We have paid special attention for the easy usage of the machines. Machines are PLC-controlled, which allows to set the start up parameters for different products and packages sizes on the memory. It is very handy, just push the button and move over to next product smoothly. For daily operation FP-2500 is easy to learn and usually as a part of the installation we are usually giving training session. The same packaging machine can be used for different sizes 200 ml- 1000 ml. Changing the size is easy and flexible.

We also pay a special attention to the safety of the FP-2500 and FP-5000 packaging machines. Because Elecster Company is manufacturing all its packaging machines in Finland in Europe, FP-packaging machines are engineered to fulfill also CE-mark requirements. We are fulfilling European safety standards, which is a big added value compared to poor engineering machines.

Depends on the needs of the dairy also the downstream of the pouches should be considered. For the smaller capacity machines it might be enough to have a conveyor to receive the pouches, but for higher capacity needs we would recommend Elecster Autoboxer or Elecster Autopacker system, which help to pack the milk pouches in to plastic crates or cartoon boxes. Those are a big help for the dairy.

Elecster is also producing the packaging material for the dairy product, which is optimized for the dairy’s need and meet the high standards and requirements of the dairies. Elecster packaging materials are ecological and economical solution and we are extremely proud of state of art quality of our printing technology.

Elecster packaging machines are space saving. The range of optional accessories is wide. The best thing about the Elecster milk packaging machines is low operating costs, which means money saving. Reliable technology will make your life easy. All this means better profitability for the dairy.

Pasteurized Pouch Machines

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