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Turn-key solution with expandable capacity

Elecster offers a turnkey solution for UHT milk processing and packaging. Thanks to a wide range of capacity options, we are able to customize the right size UHT line according to the customer’s requirements, starting from 800 liters per hour up to 10,000 liters per hour. If the need for capacity is even greater, Elecster UHT lines can be integrated with each other. This means that the capacity of Elecster UHT lines is expandable and therefore it is almost limitless. This advantage allows you to start UHT milk production at just the capacity you want. Thanks to the integration option, you can easily add more processing capacity or packaging capacity to your existing UHT line, without having to upgrade the entire equipment. The Elecster solution is suitable for both beginners and those already in the field.

As a turn-key solution supplier, Elecster provides complete UHT milk processing and packaging lines, packaging material, downstream equipment and aftersales services.

Our technology means reliability and responsibility.

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